October 5, 2014

5 Simple Tips to Relieve Sore Muscle Pain

Anyone who has ever worked out knows that, if you do it absolutely correctly, you’re going to be a bit sore. A good workout has the after-effect of a dull, achy tightness in the muscles, a signal that your body is repairing itself and getting stronger. If you’ve been
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3 Day Refresh Challenge Pack

Whether you overindulged over the weekend or just want to change your health habits for the better, the 3-Day Refresh Challenge Pack is the best choice for you! In only three simple days, this straightforward program allows people to break free from their bad nutrition habits and
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Stretching for Runners

Stretching is one of the most controversial issues in a runner’s world. Some experts say do it and others say don’t. In reality neither are specifically correct. Ultimately it comes down to your body’s abilities and comfort zones. However, with that being said, if you’re a runner
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