Tai Cheng Challenge Pack

Tai Cheng Challenge Pack

Do you ever feel like your energy levels are getting lower by the year? Do you wish you could bring back the boundless, youthful energy you had in your younger years? The stresses of the modern world can sap you of energy and leave you feeling like even the most simple of tasks
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tips for healthy eating when eating out

Top 5 tips for healthy eating when eating out

Just because you are not eating at home does not mean that you cannot watch what you eat for keeping within your daily calorie count. Modern restaurants are used to patrons requesting non-fat items and many of them serve special dishes of no fat or low fat items on their menu, so
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protein powders

Top 5 Protein Powders

Buying protein powders is one of those items that is more complicated than it looks. What product you buy will depend on your goals, your finances, and your overall diet. But even with all those factors, there are five products that are better than others. Also, knowing what they
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diet apps

Top 5 phone diet apps

The easy way to diet and remain aware of your weight loss is by using phone diet apps. Not only are you conscious of the state of your weight, you also make great new friends and can compare ideas on weight, foods and amazing recipes. All this by simply logging into your phone,
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healthy foods

Eating on vacation

Going on a vacation and taking a break from your normal routine and daily drudgery is a great benefit for your mental well being and a chance to rejuvenate yourself. You get to stay away from home, take in new scenery, and enjoy life. However, do not forget your good eating
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effects of not eating enough 1

Effects of not eating enough

While many people are obsessed about their weight or eating too much, it is necessary to be aware of what happens to you healthwise if you do not know the effects of not eating enough. It is actually dangerous to under eat, as there are so many side effects of not eating enough
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Protein for Essential Muscle Growth

Protein is essential for our everyday health. Without it our bodies will not be able to function properly and perform daily activities. You can get it from a variety of sources including meat, poultry and fish, seafood as well as beans, seeds and nuts. Your body does not have a
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Shakeology vs Body by Vi

Comparison: Shakeology vs Body by Vi

When thinking about meal replacement and diet, or even just meal supplementation you have a lot of choices. One of the most common decisions people make when trying to lose weight is deciding between supplement shakes and will use them as a meal replacement. The most common two
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proper hydration

Proper hydration when running

Runners battle constantly with the problem of proper hydration especially during the hot months of summer. Therefore, it is most important for proper hydration levels to be monitored. Among runners, there is a lot of confusion about how much liquid it is necessary to drink and
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Enjoy Your Food and Lose Weight!

An introduction to a balanced and healthy diet. Food! We all need it to survive and yet it’s one of the things that can cause the most problems for us. The chances are, (that up until now,) you thought that anything you enjoyed was bad for you. Well I am here to show you that
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