running apparel

Women’s Running Apparel

There are many different brands of athletic clothing out in the market today to choose from. From magazine advertisements and television commercials, you can’t ignore the fact that the industry has evolved to include more of a niche for women specifically than it has in the past.
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Why your shoes are the most important thing you buy

Why your shoes are the most important thing you buy?

Shoes are shoes. At least, that’s what most people think. But if you want to keep yourself healthy and uninjured, you have to pay a little more attention to what type of shoe you’re wearing. Why? Because improperly fitted shoes mean more than blisters. Pinched toes can lead to
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Why weightlifting is good for runner

Why weightlifting is good for runner?

Running is wonderful exercise. It lowers the heart rate, increases the metabolism, and greatly benefits the blood pressure, lungs and overall health. In fact, despite potential damage to the knees from impact, it is often touted as the best form of exercise out there. That’s a
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Why do you need to Taper?

In most training plans, you will find that the last three weeks will have a taper. Where you will run less and rest more. I am sure this seems weird, but in this time period you will get stronger and will not lose any of you fitness levels. Studies have down that your aerobic
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Chiropractor for Running

When to See a Chiropractor for Running

While Chiropractic’s has seen its fair share of controversy, no one can deny that it has helped millions of individuals gain relief from pain, as well as help restore alignment and even help with certain ailments. Runners especially can benefit from Chiropractic care because, as
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speed training

Speed Training

Whether you’re just starting out as a runner or whether you’ve been at it for decades and have run a marathon, you can improve your running and your overall fitness by adding speed training to your workouts. Don’t be put off by the phrase speed training – we’re not just talking
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running tips

Running Safety

Running is one of the best ways to stay in shape. It helps you achieve incredible endurance as well as builds muscle and increases repertory capacity. One thing that is typically overlooked by runners though, is the safety measures that should be taken when hitting the open road.
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running supplements

Running Supplements

Have you ever heard the saying “Our Sport is Your Sports Punishment?” Well if you have, more than likely you are a runner. And as all runners know, it can sometimes be very taxing on your system, leaving you a little more than exhausted. That is why many runners look towards
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piyo for men

PiYo for Men

As a guy, one of the things I was wondering is how PiYo would work for me. Now, I have done both Yoga and Pilates and I always had this trepidation about them to start. I took some classes at my gym and yoga was not for me. It just was not active enough to keep me interested for
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proper hydration

Proper hydration when running

Runners battle constantly with the problem of proper hydration especially during the hot months of summer. Therefore, it is most important for proper hydration levels to be monitored. Among runners, there is a lot of confusion about how much liquid it is necessary to drink and
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